Woman upset by husband’s ‘cruel’ prank idea: ‘It’s bullying for sure’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman got irritated by her husband’s prank and is now wondering if she overreacted.

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. It all started when she and her husband watched a prank on television. He immediately insisted on trying to prank her, much to her annoyance after a long day of work. But now he’s upset that she took things so seriously.

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“My husband and I were watching a tv show where someone pulled a harmless but mildly embarrassing prank on someone else,” she wrote. “My husband then paused the show and asked if I had heard of some game. I don’t remember the name but the timing and the name indicated to me that it was going to be a prank. I had a long hard day at work and told him that when I got home. So I just wanted to relax and fold laundry while watching trash TV in peace. So since I recognized it was likely a prank I said no and that I wasn’t interested.”

The husband pressured her to do the prank so that they could later prank others.

“I still said no and he kept badgering me until I went to try it,” she said. “The prank was that he would get me to concentrate on something else then dump water down the front of my body… He got mad at me for not laughing. And he got mad that I was irritated by it.”

Reddit users thought the prank was inappropriate.

“It’s bullying for sure. Nobody needs to be amused by it,” someone commented.

“Pranks are rarely funny for everyone, they’re just supposed harmless ways to be cruel,” another said.

“He didn’t respect your boundaries,” a person wrote.

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