Woman Who Wore Swastika Armband Denies Being a Nazi to Portland Protesters

A woman seen days earlier wearing a swastika armband addressed protesters outside her now vandalized home in Portland, Oregon, on August 7, denying that she was a Nazi.

In this video, the woman’s home is seen sprayed with the words “a nazi lives here.” A woman in the door of the home tells protesters, “I never said I was a Nazi.”

“You wore a swastika!,” protesters yell back before she shuts the door and retreats inside. This video of the confrontation was uploaded to Twitter by Cullen Dwyer.

Dwyer told Storyful that a number of “defenders” of the woman had gathered nearby. In the video, a voice can be heard saying, “People change, can’t you understand that.”

Video of the earlier confrontation from August 5 showed a woman with a swastika armband at the doorway of the building. Credit: Cullen Dwyer via Storyful