Women of influence celebrate the holidays

Monica R. Lopez

POWER comes in so many forms, one of which is the power that comes in numbers. This rings true especially during moments when people need understanding and support. With people one can depend on standing by his or her side, there’s nothing he or she can’t do.

The Women’s Circle is a shining example of a group that thrives together as its members come together to learn and support one another. This group gathered in 2017 and is comprised of some of Cebu’s women leaders from different fields be it hotel, real estate, media and politics, to name a few. These are women who run big scale companies with ease, moving big numbers, women who make decisions for the benefit of a community and are at the top of their game. Currently, the circle has 40 members, more or less.

The group made it a point—given each of their busy schedules—to meet monthly as much as possible in order to discuss ideas. More than that, they get together to let loose and just relax after the daily grind.

For the holidays, some of the women enjoyed some fine dining—and a bit of shopping—last Dec. 16 at Anzani New Mediterranean Cuisine at Nivel Hills, Lahug. Guests enjoyed the homemade black tagliolini made with kataïfi wrapped shrimps; olive crusted grouper fillet made with sundried tomatoes, capers and ginger jelly; and Cassata, a Sicilian treat made with maraschino drizzled candied fruits and biscuits.

The ladies also got first dibs on a charming Italian Christmas market next to their table which was filled with vintage wines, cold cuts and selected cheeses flown in for the season. Completing the shopping spree was a showcase of glassware and other cute trinkets, perfect for wining and dining with family and friends.

“These are women of substance who look outward to help one another and be involved in the community. These are all women of power. We’re getting together because we want to try coming up with projects that will be useful and helpful to the Cebuano community. It is about friendship and concern for others,” said Gina Garcia-Atienza, SunStar Publishing Inc. consultant.

Apart from that, the members also discuss who could potentially be part of their circle, as well as guest speakers they could invite to give some inspirational insights.

“It’s a support group, more or less,” said Kate Dychangco-Anzani of DGC Group of Companies. “The policies we talk about are deep. It goes into labor. It talks about large-scale decision making. That one decision trickles down an organizational chart for people to feel it,” she said, adding how much of an inspiration these women are to her from their experiences to their stories.

“We try for a better quality of life together. They teach me a way of living life from a different perspective with femininity and also with power.”