Wong Kar Wai x Tony Leung film showcase to run at The Projector from 11 April – 2 May

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Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai (R) speaks alongside Hong Kong actor Tony Leung during a press conference for his new film
Hong Kong actor Tony Leung (left) and Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai. (Photo: Philippe Lopez/AFP via Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — Fans of filmmaker Wong Kar Wai can rejoice because, following hot on the heels of Asia Film Archive's Wong Kar Wai film festival at Oldham Theatre is yet another Wong Kar Wai film festival, this time at The Projector cinema.

The screenings at the indie cinema at Golden Mile Tower will run from 11 April to 2 May. Only three films will be featured, but the theme is Wong Kar Wai x Tony Leung – the featured films all star the Hong Kong thespian.

The films to be screened are Chungking Express, In The Mood For Love, and 2046. There will only be four screenings of each film and ticket sales on The Projector's website will open on Monday (22 March) at 7pm. Tickets cost S$14 to S$18.

Famous auteur Wong, who has an ardent cult following, recently released digitally restored versions of his works which he says present his original visions for the films, which has had fans clamouring to view them.

Tony Leung and Faye Wong in Chungking Express.
Tony Leung and Faye Wong in Chungking Express.

Wong said of his reformatted films, “During the process of restoring the pictures that you are about to watch, we were caught in a dilemma between restoring these films to the form in which the audience had remembered them and how I had originally envisioned them. There was so much that we could change, and I decided to take the second path as it would represent my most vivid vision of these films.” More restoration notes are available here.

Here's what Wong says of the films in the Wong Kar Wai x Tony Leung showcase:

Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love were shot and released theatrically in 1.66:1, one of my favorite aspect ratios, but they were converted to 1.85:1 on videogram. Since most people experienced these films on videogram, it perpetuated the belief that they were shot in 1.85:1. With these restorations, you will be watching them in their original aspect ratio.

Chungking Express was made before 5.1 surround sound, so we had to retool the settings and sound configurations this time. Likewise, we also remixed In the Mood for Love, and Robert Mackenzie did a great job as we collaborated remotely during the pandemic.

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