Worker attacked colleague with stone pestle for insulting dead mother

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A mortar and pestle
A mortar and pestle. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A worker whose mother was insulted by a colleague hit the offender with a stone pestle.

Moni Lal Chan, 34, was jailed for two months on Tuesday (11 January) after he caused a laceration on the 25-year-old victim’s head that required five sutures.

Moni is a Bangladeshi working as a welder in Singapore. He resided in the same dormitory as the victim, who was his colleague.

On 29 November last year, after the victim placed his own clothes into a washing machine, Moni became unhappy as he wanted the victim to collate all the dirty clothing from their roommates to wash in a bigger load, so as to cut down on costs.

During the quarrel, the victim used vulgarities to insult Moni’s mother. Moni became agitated as his mother had died only six months before. The two were then separated by their supervisor.

Two days later, the victim was in the kitchen area of the dormitory washing cashew nuts for the next day’s meal. Moni later entered the kitchen and the two argued over the use of the washing machine and the victim’s insults against Moni’s mother.

Moni then picked up a stone pestle which was being used as a door stopper, while the victim picked up a knife. The pestle measured about 8.5cm in length and 4.5cm in width, and weighed about 0.48kg.

Moni hit the victim’s left forehead with the pestle before hitting the victim’s left upper back twice. The victim began bleeding from his forehead.

The victim fled the kitchen to seek help from his roommates and an ambulance was called. He suffered from a forehead laceration which needed five sutures and a muscle contusion. He was given five days of medical leave.

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