World War II tank unearthed in Medellin, Cebu

THE Municipality of Medellin, Cebu recovered the remaining half of a World War II army tank from the Dagusungan River Saturday morning, March 7, 2020.

It unearthed a World War II US Army M5A1 Stuart tank, a light tank variant designed for rapid movement.

"A historical moment just transpired today in Medellin when finally the remaining half of the WWII US Army M5A1 Stuart tank was literally dug out from the Dagusungan river by the untiring boys," the Municipality of Medellin Cebu wrote on its Facebook page.

The operation was headed by the Engineer Support Battalion, 53rd Engineer Brigade, and the Philippine Army led by Captain Czar Guitering and Staff Sergeant Peter Loise Salvatierra.

The team "worked through the wee hours of the morning into midnight, taking advantage when the tide was at its lowest."

The 10-day operation was supported by Mayor Benjun Mondigo together with Councilor Titing Yurag and Tourism Consultant Bambi Pacquiao. (JGS)