World’s oldest person Kane Tanaka celebrates her 117th birthday in Japanese nursing home

The world’s oldest person has celebrated her 117th birthday.

Kane Tanaka turned 117 on 2 January and had a party at the nursing home in Fukuoka, Japan, where she lives.

She was surrounded by friends and family as she extended her place in the record books.

According to Guinness World Records, Ms Tanaka is the world’s oldest living person.

Kane Tanaka was named the world's oldest person by Guinness World Records last March. (Reuters)

She took the title last March, when she was 116 years and 66 days old.

Last year she said she wanted to keep living for as long as possible.

At her 117th birthday party, she was presented with a slice of birthday cake.

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“Tasty, I want some more,” she said.

Ms Tanaka was born prematurely in 1903. She married Hideo Tanaka in 1922 – the couple had four children together and adopted a fifth.

Kane Tanaka, the world's oldest person, was born in 1903. (Reuters)

She has five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Ms Tanaka wakes up at 6am each morning and likes to study maths or calligraphy. She regularly beats nursing staff at board games.

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