Worried about paracetamol running out in drugstores? Chill, says DTI

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Netizens expressed concern on social media this week after posts of certain paracetamol brands running out in drugstores made the rounds online.

In case you’re worried about facing a shortage of paracetamol, the Department of Trade and Industry has assured the public that there is nothing to worry about and that the supply shortage is only temporary.

“In response to the reported tight supply of some paracetamol brands, the public is hereby assured that the situation is temporary and was due to a sudden increase in demand that is way above usual levels of inventories in drugstores,” DTI wrote.

“The concerned manufacturers have already assured the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) that there is supply as these are produced locally and that they will immediately replenish their stocks in the various drugstore branches.”

DTI said that popular brands such as Biogesic and Decolgen, both under Unilab, were temporarily out of stock as the last cutoff for deliveries occurred in December, but added that more shipments were due to come in this week.

The trade bureau also reminded the public that other brands and generics have ample supply in drugstores. “Rhea Generics product lines are supplied by major companies and we are also assured of continuous supply,” DTI said.

“We request the drugstores to limit purchase quantity and take necessary steps to prevent panic buying,” DTI added.

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