Wrist check: What ‘Stranger Things’ stars wore on their wrists on Season 4

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From a film or television production perspective, getting the design aspect right—most especially when it requires to be period-correct—is one of the toughest things to accomplish. This is also one of the things that is under-appreciated by casual audiences.

When Netflix drama series “Stranger Things” burst into the scene in 2016, it helped push mainstream entertainment around the world into a deep fascination (or yearning) for the ‘80s.

Suddenly, nostalgia was the name of the game.

Enter, “Stranger Things.” We’ve seen the hairstyles. We’ve heard the music. Now, we take a closer look at their watches.

The ‘80s were a fascinating time for wrist watches. The watchmaking industry, one that swore by the intricacies of automatic or manual watches, suddenly caught itself flatfooted upon the arrival of the quartz movement.

“Stranger Things” is set right in the middle of the ‘80s, and Season 4 gave audiences a timely reminder of what kinds of watches people wore back in the day. Not only do some of these watches carry quartz movements—digital displays have also started to trend. Disco fever also caught on, adding more flair to fashion pieces.

Here are some notable ones worn by the cast:

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