Xian Gaza tries to woo Myrtle Sarrosa next

26 Apr – His previous failed attempt to woo Erich Gonzales and the recent allegation of investment scams have not deterred the infamous businessman Xian Gaza from trying to woo yet another celebrity.

This time, it's 23-year-old actress and cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa.

According to Inquirer, the businessman recently uploaded a poster of "Avengers: Infinity War" on his Facebook, which was edited to feature only his face on all the superheroes, while Sarrosa's face was superimposed on Thanos' head.

He captioned it, "I don't know how to say this but you know what, I crush you. Myrtle Sarrosa, will you watch Avengers Infinity War with me?"

He also jokingly added his apology for not being able to afford a billboard anymore.

It is noted that Gaza first made headlines for commissioning a billboard to propose a coffee date with actress Erich Gonzales. She rejected the invitation after many alleged that the businessman had once stalked Ella Cruz and was involved in a business scam.

Sarrosa has yet to respond to Gaza at the time of writing.

(Photo Source: Myrtle Sarrosa Instagram)