Yahoo Poll: Did you cheer, jeer, or get confused during Duterte's interview?

President Rodrigo Duterte discusses the pressing concerns of the country during a dialogue with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo. (Photo: Robinson Niñal Jr./Presidential Communication Operations Office)

President Rodrigo Duterte held a tête-à-tête with his chief legal counsel Salvador Panelo on Tuesday.

Announced by Malacañang as a press conference earlier, the format was changed to a one-on-one interview at the last minute with exclusive access given to the state-run television network.

The interview turned out to be a structureless discussion about an alleged coup plot, the high inflation rate, rice crisis, war on drugs, and the voiding of the amnesty of Senator Antonio Trillanes, among other issues.

Netizens were divided with their reaction. The opposition poked fun at the president with his apparent fixation on Trillanes and for sounding incoherent. His loyal followers, however, said they support his administration with one declaring that she “rather want a dictator than a thief”.

How did you react to the “showbiz-style” interview between Duterte and Panelo? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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