Yahoo Poll: Do you agree that it is a 'good idea' for Duterte to run as vice president?

Yahoo Poll: Do you agree that it is a 'good idea' for Duterte to run as vice president?

President Rodrigo Duterte said it is a 'good idea' to run for vice president in next year's election as he has unfinished business, particularly solving the Philippines' drug problem.

"There are a lot of people pushing me to run for vice president. It is a good idea, particularly if we talk about the drug problem," Duterte said.

The move is a possible way for Duterte to stay in a top government post after his term ends next year.

According to a political analyst, the move to have Duterte run as vice president is to allow him to remain in power and immune to charges when his term as president ends.

Duterte's remarks came after the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it has sought permission for a formal investigation into thousands of deaths under his war on drugs waged since 2016.

The president's party was encouraging him to run as vice president, a move that could also be a ploy to boost the chances of a top Duterte aide who may be aspiring for the presidency.

Under the Constitution, the president may only serve a single six-year term and is ineligible for reelection.

Is it a 'good idea' for President Duterte to run as vice president?

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