Yahoo Poll: If you find P1 million in cash, would you return it to its owner?

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Yahoo Poll: If you find P1 million in cash, would you return it to its owner?

A municipal worker in Cebu, the Philippines reportedly returned P1 million cash she found inside an envelope in the town hall's toilet. 

Bantayan municipal worker Rowena Panique, despite facing financial constraints brought about by the pandemic, immediately brought the envelope to the office and informed her colleagues about it.

The honest worker returned to the women's comfort room and found a woman asking a janitress about a brown envelope. Upon determining that the woman was the owner of the envelope, Panique gave it back to the woman.

Bantayan Mayor Arthur Despi recognized Panique's good deed by giving her a Certificate of Appreciation.

The town hall staff showed that there are still good and honest people around by returning the money to its owner instead of keeping it for herself.

But how about you? Would you do the same and return money that you found to its owner? Or would you help yourself with the free cash?

Have your say in our poll and let us know your thoughts.

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