Yahoo Poll: Is transparency in government important to you?

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Yahoo Poll: Is transparency in government important to you?

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque took exception when asked how he easily availed of immediate confinement at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) when a number of patients with more severe COVID-19 symptoms are waiting to be admitted.

Roque was hospitalized over the weekend after he contracted COVID-19 again.

Roque explained that he labeled the question "un-Christian" instead of replying because the query was "insinuating".

“I said it was un-Christian because it was insinuating that I got the [hospital] room because I got ahead of other people,” he said said.

"I think that's an un-Christian question," Roque previously told the media during his regular press briefing.

Roque's drama happened after President Rodrigo Duterte vanished from the public eye for two weeks amid speculations about his health.

Senator Bong Go, a longtime aide of the president, posted several photos of Duterte jogging, riding a motorcycle and playing golf to prove that the Filipino leader is healthy.

Duterte dismissed the rumours that he was sick by saying his disappearance was intentional.

The Catholic bishop of Manila said Roque's comment is "uncalled for".

“Public figures should be transparent when answering people. That’s the problem. When someone asks them, instead of answering, they say ad hominem answers. They attack the person who asked. That is not right,” Manila Bishop Broderick Pabillo said.

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