Yahoo Poll: Which NBA teams will advance to the playoffs?

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The NBA regular season is done and dusted but there is unfinished business that needs to be settled.

The NBA play-in tournament begins Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) to determine which teams are going to the playoffs.

The Eastern Conference kicks things off with No.7 Boston Celtics hosting No.8 Washington Wizards, and No.9 Indiana Pacers welcoming No.10 Charlotte Hornets in an eliminator match.

The Western Conference will see action the following day with LeBron James and the No.7 Los Angeles Lakers will slug it out with Steph Curry and the No.8 Golden State Warriors in a postseason matchup that is not an NBA Finals. The No.9 Memphis Grizzlies play host to No.10 San Antonio Spurs in a knockout game.

The winners of the No.7-vs.-No.8 matchups will be ranked 7th and paired with the No.2 seed in their respective conferences – the Brooklyn Nets in the East and the Phoenix Suns in the West.

The losers of the No.7-vs.-No.8 games will play a knockout game against the winners of the No.9-vs.-No.10 match. The winners will advance to the playoffs as the 8th seed in the respective conferences where the No.1 seed awaits them – the Philadelphia 76ers in the East and league-leading Utah Jazz in the West.

Which teams do you think will make it to the NBA playoffs?

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