Yen Santos wipes out Instagram posts after LJ Reyes-Paolo Contis breakup

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(Source: Yen Santos/Facebook)
(Source: Yen Santos/Facebook)

After being dragged in the controversial breakup of former celebrity couple LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis, Yen Santos has wiped out all her posts on Instagram.

(Source: Yen Santos/ Instagram)
(Source: Yen Santos/ Instagram)

As of Thursday (September 23), there are no more posts seen on the Yen's account. No one can say for sure if she deleted the posts or just hid them.

Haay bat mo naman dinelete lahat Yen. (Why did you delete all that, Yen?) New chapter?” asked social media influencer Senyora on Facebook.

Yen figured in the split that happened shortly after the release of "A Faraway Land," a movie where she starred alongside Paolo.

Prompted by public criticism, Paolo posted a statement on Instagram, clearing Yen of any involvement. “She was never the reason of our break up. I was,” the actor said. He admitted, however, that he invited did invite Yen to Baguio, but only as a friend." Paolo also admitted that a third party was involved in the breakup.

In August, LJ confirmed the breakup with her long-time partner Paolo Contis who fathered her daughter named Summer. Afterward, LJ went to New York where she was spotted at the New York Fashion Week.

"When LJ left for the States with the kids, I went to Baguio for 3 days dahil ayaw ko sa Manila (because I don’t want to stay in Manila) at gusto kong makapag-isip-isip (and I want to take time to think things through). Naging insensitive ako (I was insensitive) about the possible effects ng (of the) issue and I invited Yen for a day para may makausap since malapit lang siya sa North din (to have someone to talk to since she lives near the North). She went there as a friend," Paolo went on to explain in his Instagram post.

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