Yeng Constantino admits ashamed about past behaviour with doctor

Heidi Hsia
·1 min read

8 Apr - Yeng Constantino recently admitted that she was initially ashamed about releasing her new song she wrote for the medical frontliners, due to the conflict she had with them last year.

The singer, who released the ballad "Kumapit" to encourage doctors and nurses in their fight against the coronavirus, stated that she really wanted to send supportive messages earlier but that she still felt embarrassed for her past mistake, when she lashed out at a doctor and lamented about the lack of equipment of a hospital in Siargao Island where her husband was treated for an accident during their trip.

Constantino even thought that she would only annoy the frontliners instead of encouraging them by publicising the song because of the issue.

"But today, I decide to throw away the shame and apologise to everyone I hurt in the medical field. I'm sorry. As we face [the pandemic], I see that your heart cannot be helped to help. Because this is your chosen profession, even though you have to face this test. Thank you very much. I understand why so many of you are so upset," she wrote.

The singer stated that she hopes her song will further courage the frontliners as well as those who felt helpless about the situation.

"Thank you very much. We salute your sacrifice. Don't give up. We need you... We can do this. The Lord is with us," she added.

(Photo Source: Yeng Constantino Instagram)