Young mothers share their pandemic pregnancy stories

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As we all know, giving birth is a wild undertaking at any time and it can be a long and painful process, but adding a pandemic to the mix has only heightened risks and anxiety for moms-to-be. There are worries about just entering a hospital or clinics, giving birth alone without a support, and health concerns—to name a few.

As life has changed so much since 2020, strong and brave women shared a few of the most memorable things that happened in their lives—being pregnant and welcoming their babies in the time of corona. Plus, some helpful tips and advice.

From fashion, travel and beauty-filled content on her social media pages, blogger and vlogger Kryz Uy now blesses her followers’ feed with the cuteness of her son, Scott Knoa.

Kryz, as a first-time mom, gave birth at the height of pandemic that, when everyone didn’t really know how to deal with the virus yet at that point.

“I was scared and my anxiety was through the roof. It was scary not knowing what the future would be like for my baby. There were so many regulations that kept changing week after week, so it was such an emotional roller coaster.”

The anxiety caused by the pandemic was the most difficult experience that happened to Kryz during her pregnancy. She and the entire household rarely go out these days, groceries are done online, trips out of the house are now more calculated and they are always geared up—to keep the baby and the entire family safe all throughout the pregnancy, giving birth, and up to now.

For Kryz, motherhood is the most amazing journey. “Everything they say about it is true, how ‘it’s so tiring’ and takes so much out of you but is so worth it and rewarding.”

Cebuana YouTuber Chinkytita, a first-time mom, gave birth last Feb. 24 via emergency C-section. According to her, her birth journey was difficult considering the situation. She was all alone while on labor for 23 hours because the hospital wouldn’t allow anyone, even her husband to accompany her though he had a negative Covid-19 test result. With no one to talk to or to hold hands with, Chinky bore all the pain and successfully gave birth to a baby boy, and forgot all the pain the moment he knew her baby, Khalil, is out and safe, and when she heard him cry.

Though Chinky prepared herself by making sure that she had everything she and her baby needed, she was not prepared for a C-section delivery, and didn’t think of getting one. “Just prepare yourself, not just physically but also emotionally and financially because giving birth during this time is very expensive.”

Chinky advises new and expectant moms to accept all the help they could get. “It’s going to be so hard but if you have at least someone who can help you, let him. Never forget to take care of yourself because that’s the only way you can also take care of your baby.”

Arden gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Eliana August. While being pregnant, Arden shared that she focused on keeping her baby and herself healthy, kept her household on a self-imposed isolation, and with conscious effort, kept her stress levels at zero by praying, doing a lot of yoga and moving around the house.

The uncertainty of her birth story having family or friends visiting her as much as she wanted to, to protect her daughter from potential Covid-19 exposure, somehow made her sad. However, she admitted, “I was privileged enough to have the best support system; family, friends, doula, nurses, and doctors around me. My husband, Jensen, was with me all throughout my labor, delivery and recovery. It was the birthing experience I manifested and prayed for.”

When asked what tips she can give to moms-to-be, here’s what Arden said: “Take care of others, start by taking care of yourself. It is an honor to raise your own child even on the most challenging times. This is our legacy. It will be beautiful and difficult, but let’s not be afraid.”

Just like what you see in Hollywood movies when the mom sees the baby for the first time, Iah felt a lot of emotions. She couldn’t quite tell if she’s smiling, laughing or even crying. But after all that burst of emotions, the first time she held her baby, Eduardo IV, was just pure inexplainable feeling of true happiness.

For a new mom, Iah’s pregnancy journey was quite devastating as she contracted Covid-19 while she was 35 weeks pregnant. It crushed her knowing she did all the best she could to protect herself in order to protect her baby but, somehow God had a different plan. She was alone in isolation room, with fear slowly eating her up inside. She was terrified that she would lose her baby.

“What helped me get back up was knowing that God will never give me something I cannot handle.”

Iah prayed hard and considered herself still blessed despite the mental and emotional trauma, because her symptoms were mild and thankfully, it did not affect her baby at all. With a good support system including her husband, mom and household help whom she fondly calls “angels,” Iah, made it through, and now has a five-month-old healthy baby.

For Iah, every pregnant woman should enjoy every moment and embrace all the changes that come with pregnancy. Do your research, and get all the information you can so you what what to expect. “It can be scary and there will be doubts but trust me, it will all be worth it. And also, don’t rely too much on Dr. Google. It’s not healthy. Haha! When in doubt, always consult and trust only your doctor.”

Entrepreneur Jasmin Sarmiento-Juan was honestly shocked when she found out that she was pregnant after taking around pregnancy tests with a negative result.

As a pregnant woman with an underlying condition, Jasmin made sure to keep herself healthy and active by drinking four liters of water and walking at least 5,000 steps daily with her doctor’s approval.

Despite her active lifestyle, Jasmin (and her husband) unfortunately tested positive for Covid-19 when she was three-four months pregnant. With the help of their friends in the medical field and prayers, Jasmin and her husband recovered.

“Although everyone was worried, I prayed to St. Jude, Sta. Rita, the Sto. Niño, Mama Mary and to God daily to stay healthy and overcome it,” she shared.

A couple of weeks after recovery, Jasmin, with her doctor’s approval” got the “jab” to keep herself, her baby and everyone around her protected. Yes, pregnant women, can get the Covid-19 vaccine as long as they are given a clearance from their doctor.

According to Jasmin, a lot of people will tell you the “dos” and “dont’s” about being pregnant but she personally believes that everyone goes through their own journey.

“A lot of people actually questioned my habit of staying fit and working out, but I did it with approval and I did it to stay healthy and I was able to overcome Covid I think because of it.”

Her baby’s name? “Top” Juan or Lucas Kristoff “Top” Sarmiento-Juan.

Content creator Issa is currently pregnant. Issa and her husband, Paolo were extremely happy to learn the news. The couple have been together for 10 years and married for 2 ½ years which made them feel like, it was finally time for the next chapter in their lives.

Issa shared that the one of the most heartbreaking things was having to go through pregnancy far away from her friends and family, who are in the USA. And just like every mother, Issa who is also a new mom, wanted to experience a lot of fun things when a baby is about to arrive like reveals, baby showers and just being able to be around family.

In this time of uncertainty, Issa finds it a bit hard to plan the hospital situation, but for her part, she’s got the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine with her doctor’s go-signal, and practices safety protocols still. This gives the couple peace of mind while preparing the space for baby Pissa.

Here’s some pieces of advice from Issa to mothers-to-be, “If you have the luxury of planning and preparing for your pregnancy, check your lifestyle and assess if you’re ready to live the life of a pregnant person. Knowledge is power, so equipping yourself with knowledge pre-pregnancy can do a long way when you’re already there. It takes a lot of the stress and anxiety away.”

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