Young Thespians of Cebu reinvigorates Cebuano theatre with 'Leave the Drama Onstage,' an original five-play festival

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INDEPENDENT theatre group Young Thespians of Cebu (YTC), in collaboration with the Bachelor of Performing Arts of the University of Cebu, present “Leave the Drama Onstage: A Festival of Cebuano One-act Plays”. This performance will be held live at the University of Cebu Senior High School - Private Campus AVR, J. Alcantara St., Cebu City. Show dates are on October 8 (10:30 a.m. | 2:30 p.m. | 7:00 p.m.) and October 9 (10:30 a.m. | 2:30 p.m. | 7:00 p.m.). It will entail a feature presentation that encapsulates the realities and capabilities of family, friendship, and relationships in Cebuano stories.

The production, directed by Emmanuel Mante, is developed under YTC’s Drama, Theatre, and Performance workshop, and showcases five Cebuano original one-act plays developed under the playwriting workshop program in YTC. After nearly three years stuck in virtual boxes, the workshops were finally conducted physically this year. YTC theatre workshops happen annually during summer breaks to further develop budding Cebuano thespians and cultivate the Cebuano theatre community.

The summer theatre workshop is mentored by Emmanuel Mante, a Master of Arts in Theatre Arts at the University of the Philippines - Diliman; Mark Jude Tenedero, Director for the Office of Community Affairs, Guang Ming College; and Alfie Mosqueda, teacher at the University of Cebu - Main Senior High School Arts and Design. Their respective segments served to give the workshoppers the solid fundamentals of drama and performance, while keeping their learning environment a safe, curiosity-fostering place for creativity to bloom.

Moreover, as one of the few theatre groups to vanguard the resurgence of live theatre in Cebu, YTC invites the community to witness life flow freely once again through the redeeming power of theatre. Promoting the production, Emmanuel Mante, YTC’s director and mentor said: “There are stories about ourselves in this community that we’ve been reluctant to see and hear. Let’s take time to reflect and find ourselves in these stories. The stories of whose voices we listen to aspire and respect, and those we ignore”.

The 18 students enrolled in the drama and performance workshop and who will be acting in these plays are: Adrienne Ng, Bea Ogapong, Chuzen Archua, Derek Salazar, Glenn John Jr. Ogapong, Glenn O’Brien Ogapong, Grant Bacaltos, Irish Naingue, Jaienne Braveree Suralta, Jasper Villacin, Jennifer Ann Regidor, Keena Sularte, Leian Nicole Hamo, Maia Lavadia, Margaret Tan, Maverick Nineza, Vince Tabaloc, and Yna Cajipe.

Lastly, the production team includes Alan Rico, Aya Kinaadman, Czyril Cabahug, Derek Salazar, Emmanuel Casil, Irish Naingue, Jed Alerta, Kert Verallo, Maia Lavadia, Meljan Gaga, Mike Yngayo, Nico Nobleza, Niña Danong, Riza Binarao, Samantha Inocando, Sume Olis, and Thea Emia

Tickets are sold at P250. Guests may purchase them on-site or in advance. For reservations, they may contact Niña Maurcienell through Globe (0927) 639 1172 or Smart (0909) 788 2563 or by messaging the Facebook page, Young Thespians of Cebu.

Since its establishment in 2010, Young Thespians of Cebu has been enriching aspiring performers' minds and showmanship through creative and interactive theatre workshops. Despite challenges during the pandemic, YTC looks forward to sustaining more projects in the future. (PR)