YouTuber Christine Sydelko just announced she is quitting the Internet

Laura Capon
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From Cosmopolitan

It's a sad day for all you "Merry Chrysler" fans, as YouTube comedian Christine Sydelko announced she is quitting the Internet for good.

With 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and 942k Instagram followers, her decision comes as a massive shock to many, who found her sense of humour a welcome relief from the benign world of cookie cutter influencers.

25-year-old Christine found fame on now defunct platform Vine, where her iconic "Merry Chrysler" video was born. She started vlogging on YouTube with fellow comedian Elijah Daniel in 2015, before going solo in 2018.

Christine is not only known for her signature outfit of a sun visor, anorak, 'Don't Mess with Texas' slogan T-shirt and either Birkenstocks or Crocs, but also her openness around her asexuality, something she helped bring awareness to.

Despite having a huge following online, back in June this year Christine tweeted that she found being an influencer "extremely unfulfilling" and wished she had finished her degree instead of pursuing an online career.

"Hot take: I find being an influencer extremely unfulfilling and it’s the main cause of my anxiety and depression and i wish i finished my degree and had a normal life hehehehehahahaha I’m fine"

Last week, after not uploading a YouTube video for 6 months, Christine tweeted again to announce she had quit the internet for good, calling it "trivial" and calling out "fake drama".

"I quit the internet stuff just fyi it’s such a trivial job i can’t stand the people getting in fake drama for attention or acting like they’re a creative when they just film themselves living it was sorta fun while it lasted but i value my privacy more than followers now see ya."

The YouTube world has changed significantly since Christine joined in 2015, most recently two of the platform's biggest stars: Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau "got married" for an upcoming MTV reality show.

Nonetheless, we're gutted that one of our favourite and most relatable influencers won't be popping up in our subscription boxes anymore.

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