Zack Snyder to helm Justice League movie

The World’s Greatest Superheroes will finally gather together from the cosmic reaches of the universe, as Warner Bros. officially confirms that a “Justice League” movie is indeed in the works, and will be once again directed by Zack Snyder.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. confirmed that the director of the action-packed “300” and “Watchmen” films will be returning to helm the film that sees iconic heroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman gather together to form a team that pits them against a more common and deadlier force than any of them could handle individually.

The movie is also set to follow the as of yet untitled “Batman Vs Superman” sequel to Snyder’s 2013 Superman film reboot “Man Of Steel” set for a May 2016 release, which sees star Henry Cavill coming face-to-face with The Dark Knight detective himself, who will now be played by “Argo” director and star Ben Affleck.

With a script still in development and the movie, according to the journal, “unlikely to come out before 2018”, the Justice League movie has been eyed on by fans and film enthusiasts alike for years. With the success of Marvel Studios’ chain of films that make up the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, Warner Bros. has been trying to pull heaven and earth into creating a cohesive cinematic universe of their own.

Success and potential was found firsthand when director Christopher Nolan rebooted the Batman franchise and released “Batman Begins” in 2005, paving the way for “The Dark Knight Trilogy” of films that became blockbuster hits upon release. However, any attempt to create a unified DC Cinematic Universe has so far remained stagnant following the disappointing release of “Green Lantern” in 2011.

While it has certainly lagged, an attempt was made back in 2008 by Warner Bros. to produce a Justice League film, with “Mad Max” director George Miller attached to direct. However, the production was cancelled at the last minute, and WB has been looking to fast track work on their superhero film franchise. Fortunately, the ball has been rolling with Zack Snyder’s “Batman Vs Superman” film, casting Affleck as Batman and “Fast and Furious” star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. While hints of placing other heroes in the film have been clued in thanks to a recent casting call for the role of Cyborg, no big clues on what the script or plot of “Batman Vs Superman” or “Justice League” have been revealed. Only time will tell for sure how the best heroes of DC Comics will be adapted into the big screen.

“Batman Vs Superman” is slated for release on May 6, 2016, while Justice League is projected for sometime before or during 2018. — TJD, GMA News