Zanjoe Marudo not surprised by Bela Padilla's talent

17 Oct - While many expressed surprise and awe over Bela Padilla's talent in scriptwriting after the release of the movie "Last Night", actor Zanjoe Marudo stated that he has always known how talented the actress is.

According to Push, Marudo stated that he is not surprised that Padilla would win so much praise from people, adding, "I knew she's really good at writing in terms of movies, and she really is a brilliant person."

Asked if he would say yes to a collaboration with Padilla on her story in future, Marudo said that he would welcome it very much.

"I'm open to it because I also like thinking about concepts. Actually, we always discuss about concepts," he said.

However, Marudo, who has been romantically linked to Padilla since they worked together in "My Dear Heart", stated that despite the previous rumours, the two of them are nothing more than friends.

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