Zubiri on gay rumors: 'Ask my wife'

Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

"Ask my wife."

It is all what resigned Senator Juan Miguel "Migz" Zubiri could say in response to persistent rumors questioning his sexuality.

"They should ask my wife. My wife must be happy. She's very happy with her husband," Zubiri told Yahoo! Southeast Asia.

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Zubiri, who has been married to commercial model Audrey Tan, said the gossip started circulating after his break up with a popular singer and actress.

Then serving as Bukidnon congressman, the outspoken leader of so-called Spice Boys broke up with actress Vina Morales in 1999.

"I've said this before: I'm a lesbian. I love women. I will not dignify that with an answer. That all started when I broke up with an artista," Zubiri said.

"They say you have reached (a high stature) if they are throwing this kind of rumors against you," he added.

Hinting annoyance and frustration, Zubiri even challenged those who still insist he is "hiding in the closet" into a fist fight.

"Anyone who says that to my face, be ready to put their dukes up because I was the world champion of arnis in 1989," Zubiri said.

"I represented the Philippines. And I was the wushu champion as well so they can try saying that to my face," he added.

Zubiri, who has been married to Tan for seven years, told critics to direct questions about sexuality to other senatorial candidates.

"They should ask that question to other politicians whose wives already left them," Zubiri said in a parting shot.

In May 2012, Zubiri's rival Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III announced his separation from his wife, beauty queen Jewel May Lobaton.

Zubiri earlier admitted getting upset with Pimentel for his "malicious thoughts" before leaving United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) last year.

Zubiri and Pimentel traded electoral protest, saying they were both victims of election rigging in 2007 senatorial polls.